Steri-Fab, 4-1 Gallon/case FREE SHIPPING

Steri-Fab, 4-1 Gallon/case FREE SHIPPING

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* KILLS BED BUGS FAST AND EASY! Different methods of killing bed bugs include extreme measures like freezing and steaming out rooms. Applying Steri-Fab to your mattress and box spring (and carpet) is an EASY SOLUTION- AND IT WORKS WITHIN SECONDS!

* A multi-purpose cleaner/disinfectant/viricide/insecticide; replaces many products, and lowers inventory supply and cost

* No dilution needed (easy and ready to use)

* Fast drying- around 15-20 minutes

* Non-staining

* Biodegradable

* Can be sprayed on almost anything (except people, animals, food and cooking utensils, and things to that nature)

* Will sanitize your mattresses

* No dyes or perfumes

* Non-residual

* Is used for carpets, vehicle interiors, beds, garbage bins, furniture, and much more!

* Does not contain any harsh solvents STERIFAB offers the unique ability to kill dust mites and bed bugs on inanimate surfaces (mattresses), chairs, couches, and carpets!

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: *Shake the product very well - this allows the crystals within Steri-Fab to be dispersed onto the materials being sprayed. Inspectors will use a black light in order to verify materials are being sanitized.

*Liberally apply product - The best way to do this is with a continuous action sprayer. Care Labs, Inc. offers a heavy duty Steri-Fab Sprayer in our online store, designed for dispensing Steri-Fab for spraying mattresses, box springs, and other appropriate materials.

*Allow the product to work - Steri-Fab starts to work as soon as it comes into contact with the surface. Bed bugs are killed within seconds. Do not rinse the product from the surface; Steri-Fab dries within 15-20 minutes and leaves NO chemical residue.

*Purchase adequate amounts - If you are spraying multiple mattresses and large areas, purchase Steri-Fab in cases and save money per gallon. (With our system, you get FREE SHIPPING when you purchase a case.) Questions about the product? Call 800-835-9501 or email